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  About Me 

What drives me?

I am driven mostly by intrigue. Intrigue and adventure have motivated me to live and work in several countries as well as exposed me to many opportunities. Yet one of the most intriguing things of all is simply, where will this conversation take us? What impact will it have?

People repeatedly tell me that they feel comfortable being themselves with me. What I love about this is the powerful space that is created when two people can say to each other anything that is on their minds. To me, this is an extreme sport because it is about continually taking risks and living on the edge. It is an environment where growth and change can happen and be easily integrated. 

What about you? What drives your life? What drives your relationships? Where is that leading you to? 

What's my purpose?

This work is personally important because I've experienced both the extreme synergy and the extreme pain that can be associated with partnering. On the painful side, I've seen my dad's business partnership with his siblings deteriorate to the point of being harmful to their health. From this perspective, if only partnerships stopped harming its members as a result of my coaching, my purpose would already be served. 

At the same time, because I've been part of very synergistic partnerships (whether it is in coaching or in developing a new product or company), I aspire to much more than stopping partners from harming one another.  What I want for partnerships is that they be absolutely powerful, to the point where no one member could have imagined. 

What I see is that this is already happening, and more and more people are coming together because they can create more together.


I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and am on the on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship, of which I am also a graduate.

Before coaching, I worked and consulted at technology start-ups in New York and Brazil. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Management and Technology program (a joint degree program between the Wharton School and Penn Engineering). In addition to English, I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and German.




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