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  Monthly Newsletter - September 2004

Original Vision - or Where is your Partnership's Magic?

First Volume. First Newsletter.

I’m excited about this newsletter. My intention for it is that it truly helps readers and their partnerships. So please don’t keep it to yourself, forward it to as many colleagues and friends as possible!

I'm going to start short and positive. The tool I will expose you to can have an immediate and positive effect on your partnership. It will connect you to the original vision from which your partnership was born. By original vision, I mean something as large as what you thought you would accomplish together, the meaning you gave to your partnership when you started it, and the synergies that you were hoping for.

Let's dive right in. To connect yourself to your partnership's original vision and magic, mull over the following questions:

1. What circumstances brought you and your partner(s) together?
2. What do you love, admire, and/or respect now?
3. Suppose the universe brought you together for a reason, what would that be?
4. What is unique about your partnership?

Take a moment to write down your answers. Allow yourself some naiveté!

If you are inspired by your responses, I guarantee you that spending a few minutes with your partner sharing what you discovered will shift your partnership to a new level. Will you do it?

On the other hand, if your answers to the questions lack magic or seem irrelevant, your partnership vision could have “expired”. You need to discover a new vision for your partnership to survive and thrive. Contact me for more information about getting coached through that process.

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